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Bali Swing Tour

The tour is start at the morning to visit the magnificent tegalalang rice field. Then continue to visit iconic bali swing above the rice fields in bali while drinking bali coffee from the coffee plantation. After we will visit 2 waterfall, tibumana and kanto lampo before we heading back to your hotel. Article here from our partner will reveals more about bali swing.

Tour Durations: 5 Hours

Price : $25 / car and gasoline only (ticket excluded)

Adventures Tour

We start with APV riding and then will riding elephant in the jungle near ubud before we do purifiying in tirta empul temple.

Tour Duration : 6 Hours

Price : $30 / car and gasoline only (ticket excluded)

Custom Tour

Simply i just following your itinerary. About what place to visit if you don’t know yet about bali you can read our blog about beautifull places in bali worth to visit.

Tour Durations : 10 Hours

Price : $45 / car (include gasoline exclude tickets)

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