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Lovina area in Bali is a combination of small beaches spanning several local villages between two districts in the North Bali regency of Buleleng. The Lovina beach is a great alternative to highly popular and often crowded beaches of Bali’s south like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Calmer waves, serene black-sand shores, thrills in the offing, and a nightlife scene are just a few things that sum up this quaint north Bali coast.

Lovina Beach spans two kilometers east to west with a small area in the Kalibukbuk village as its main focal point. Sunsets are quite the highlight here with rather subdued nightlife after dusk. A large parking space borders the beach with rows of cafés and trendy seafood restaurants at its sides. Near the sand a single towering dolphin statue stands as an official landmark. Walk to the east and you will encounter further rows of art shops and small warung traditional stalls offering snacks and refreshments beside an airy boardwalk.

Lovina Beach’s sunrises are as ‘gently exciting’ as its sunsets. Keep your camera ready as dolphins breach the smooth water surface in a blink of an eye. The most frequently sighted species are the dark-skinned spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) that are present all year round, except during the Chinese Lunar New Year period, when wind and rains are heavy and irregular (roughly from February to April).

Among the nearby highlight attractions to discover around Lovina are the Banjar Hot Springs and the Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist temple. The hot springs are a popular weekend escape among locals and foreign visitors, where you can wade in its pools or soothe under its dragon water spouts. The Brahma Vihara Arama is the largest Buddhist temple on the island with a small-scale but impressive Borobudur Temple on its hilltop.

‘Lovina’ doesn’t sound Balinese, as there is no such thing as the ‘v’ in the local alphabet. Actually it was originally the name of the first resort in the area that had only three guestrooms. Its founder, the late Balinese author and Buleleng noble, Anak Agung Panji Tisna (1908-1978), built the pioneering resort in 1953. It currently still operates with a new name, as the Lovina Beach Hotel. ‘Lovina’ was the author’s play on the words, ‘love’ and ‘Indonesia’. The name outgrew the establishment and subsequently applied to the whole coastline, which in turn continues to win heart.

Activities in Lovina


Lovina Beach is known as one of the popular tourist attractions in North Bali. This beach is located in Kalibukbuk Village, about 10 km to the west of Singaraja City. Unlike most beaches in Bali that have big waves, the waves on Lovina Beach are quite calm. Therefore, it is perfect for those of you who want to swim or just play water on the seafront safely.

Lovina Beach can also be the right destination for those of you who want to get rid of fatigue. Different from most beaches in Bali that have white sand, Lovina Beach looks exotic with black sand. On this black sand you can hold mats or other bases to relax, as well as picnics. This beachside area is also usually used by tourists as a place to wait for the sunrise moment. Don’t forget to bring lunch or order food from the nearest stalls. That way, you can relax for a long time on the edge of Lovina Beach without feeling hungry.

You can also enjoy some activities on Lovina Beach at night. Around the beach, there are various places to eat and cafes that are often used by visitors to hang out until evening. Some cafes usually feature musical performances, so the atmosphere around the beach is even more festive.

Given the sea breeze is blowing hard at night, make sure you stay warm while on Lovina Beach. You can wear clothes that are thick enough, and order hot food and drinks to warm the body.

Opening hours : 24 hours
The entrance ticket price parking : IDR 5000 / car or IDR 2000 / motorbike

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In Bali, where else can you see dolphin attractions in their habitat if not on Lovina Beach? Those dolphins are the main attraction of Lovina Beach. Here, this highly intelligent herd of marine mammals live freely. Dolphins on Lovina Beach have been protected by local government regulations, so no one can arrest or sell them.

To be able to watch dolphins in the middle of the sea, you have to rent a special boat that has been provided by the manager. One boat can accommodate 4-5 people, at a cost of around Rp. 75,000 per person. Later, the boat will take you to an area of ​​the ocean which usually springs up with dolphins.

Ideally, dolphins on Lovina Beach appear in the morning, precisely around 6:00 – 9:00. Therefore, you must come before this hour so you can see special moments that are rarely found on other Bali beaches. The best time to see dolphins on Lovina Beach is during the dry season, around April – October.


The boat departed at 05:30.
Ticket prices ticket for boat : IDR 75,000 / person.

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Not only presents the attraction of dolphins on the surface of the sea, Lovina Beach apparently also stores the beauty of the underwater that you should watch immediately. You can find lots of coral reefs and colorful ornamental fish in it. While the sky is still bright, you must try this activity after watching dolphins.

If you are really interested in snorkeling at Lovina Beach, you don’t need to bring your own equipment because there are available snorkeling equipment rental services. You only need to pay a rent of around Rp. 60,000. The price is quite affordable, right?

Besides snorkeling, you can try fishing on Lovina Beach. To do this exciting activity, you have to sail first to the middle of the sea by renting a boat that has been provided on Lovina Beach. If you want to fish yourself, you can join other groups on the boat. Ideally, per person will be charged a rental fee of around Rp. 60,000 – Rp. 100,000.

But, if you come with a group and want to fish together, you can rent a big boat. Usually, the price of renting a boat for groups will be cheaper compared to paying per person. Each boat usually can only carry 4-5 people.

Prices for rent snorkling gear : IDR 60,000 / person
Prices for boat ticket : IDR 60,000 – IDR 100.000 / person

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There are three hot tubs provided by the Banjar Hot Springs. In the upper area, there is a hot water pool measuring 12 x 1.5 meters with a depth of 1 meter equipped with eight hot water showers. Meanwhile, the second hot tub is in the lower area. The size that reaches 12 x 10 meters makes it the widest pool in the Banjar Hot Water.

Not only has two pools, this hot spring has a third pool which is to the west of the second pool. The depth of the third pool only reaches the waist of an adult. At Banjar Hot Water, there is also a hot shower that is usually used by visitors to “massage” your back.

Opening hours : 08.00 – 18.00.
Entrance fee : IDR 10,000 / child and IDR 20.000/ person(adult).

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Located in Banjar, Buleleng, Brahmavihara Temple can be reached about 11 km drive from Lovina Beach. This temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in Bali, is also known as the Banjar Buddhist Temple. This place is divided into five areas, namely Uposathagara, Dhammasala, Stupa, Bodhi Tree, and Kuti.

Uposathagara is a quiet and comfortable room, where there is a panel of the Buddha’s birth on the wall. Meanwhile, Dhammasala is a place where monks perform services and various other spiritual activities. You can also stop by the Stupa area which is a giant bell-shaped building made of concrete.

In the Bodhi Tree, you can do meditation which usually takes place on the Day of Vesak. Meanwhile, Kuti consists of several rooms that are used as the residence of monks and those who are studying.


Opening hours, 08.00 – 18.00.
Ticket price, IDR 20,000 / person.

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Spending time at Adjani Bali will be a unique experience for you. On Jalan Yudistira No. 2 you can learn how to cook a variety of Balinese and Indonesian specialties. The menu that is practiced also varies, from stir-fried dishes to cakes. You will be taught how to balance the taste, choose the right ingredients for certain dishes, and so on.

In fact, Adjani Bali offers cooking classes which are divided into “vegetarian” and “non-vegetarian”. There is also a cooking class program specifically for Balinese specialties. Here, there is also an herb garden that you can visit while the guide explains the various herbs.

Not only that, learning to cook at Adjani Bali can also be an opportunity for you to socialize. There are many participants, both local residents, local tourists, and foreign tourists who join the cooking class here. You can take advantage of this opportunity to add contacts.

Opening hours : 10.00 – 13.00.
Fee : US 20 / person – US 35 /person.

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