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Cofee Tasting @ Bali Indonesia

We Believe In Coffee Beans That Make Good Coffee

From Coffee Farm Until A Cup Of Coffee

What’s included


Balinese Nasi Goreng. #Balinese snack for coffee break #BONUS: Orange free picking for eat #Tea leaves, Sascara (skin of coffee) and honey testing Fried rice cooked in Balinese style, with vegetables and eggs (Available also vegan fried rice) Served with warm ginger tea.


Coffee Coffee welcome drink +-200 gr green bean coffee for roasting activity that you will test to drink then bring home the rest


Car include private driver and experienced guide


Free pick up and drop off around Ubud. Also stop by for picture taking & enjoy the view in beautiful pine forest of kintamani


Hand wooven hat, Bamboo basket for harvesting, also Manual coffee processing tools and knowledge of traditional processing.

Story You Will Make

I will take all the participants to a coffee plantation in Kintamani that traditionally running by the village. We’ll walking around the plantation to see all the activity and all the participants will take a part in every activity and getting knowlegde. Start with Harvest, coffee sorting, fermentation, drying and roasting with traditional equipment. And then we will grind it, brew it, tasting and packaging it. At the end of the process, participants will enjoying the final product and take home the package of the coffee. After that, we will going for lunch in a restaurant with the view of Lake and Mount Batur Caldera. Participants also entitle of Coffee Workshop certificate by my Companny. After that , we will go luwak coffee (civet cat coffee ). Learn about luwak coffee and production from the Farmers . You get to find out the secret behind the most expensive coffee in the world. There is also plentiful of Coffee testing

Your Host

My name is Komang. I am Founder of “Bali Arabica Coffee company “. And co hosts Feni, gede, Wayan. I was born and raised in Kintamani Bali in a farmer family. Coffee has been a part of my family for 3 generations, and now the legacy is on my shoulder. I’ve been experiencing so many things about coffee from farming, roaster, and own a coffee business. Beside that, I also is a speak in few Universities and some workshops for Coffee Farmer all around Indonesia. Receiving few awards from the Goverment for my dedication of sharing the knowledge about coffee.

I’m speaker for coffee farm around Indonesia and been invite to London Coffee Day and to Indonesia Moscow festival day on Rusia .

You read my story’at

Instagram : Kopi kintamani

Facebook : Kopi kintamani

Tour Prices

  • $58 per person
  • Min 2 Persons
  • Tour Duration :   – 

Meet in Ubud then going to one of the village Kintamani. Do the activity in the coffee plantation. Then Having Lunch near Lake Batur.


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