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Journey Of Bali Coffee Experience


7 Hours in Total

1 Meal, Snack, Drink, Entrance Ticket, Tools and Transport


English Language

$ 58 / Person. Minimum 2 Persons

Tour Description


This tour will take place at the coffee plantation in Kintamani region with magnificent view of Batur mountain. You will be guided with an experienced and knowledgeable person from farmer family, Komang. You will get to know all about coffee, from plantation to coffee processing until end up in a cup of coffee. A package of 200 g arabica coffee also you can bring home as a gift from this tour and will continue to having lunch in the restaurant facing the great mount Batur view.

This offers you unique life experienced tour that you never get somewhere else!

About Your Tour Guide And Host


His name is Komang, he was born and raised in Kintamani Bali in a farmer family. Coffee has been a part of his family for 3 generation, and now the legacy is on his shoulders. He’d been experiencing so many things about coffee from farming, roasting, and own a coffee business. Beside that, he is also a speaker in a few Universities and some workshops for Coffee Farmer all around Indonesia. Receiving few awards from the Goverment for his dediaction of sharing the knowledge about coffee.

What We Will Provide


  • Fried rice cooked in Balinese style with vegetables and eggs (Available also vegan fried rice) Served with warm ginger tea or coffee.
  • Coffee welcome drink +- 200 gr green coffee beans for roasting activity that you will test to drink and then bring home the rest.
  • Free pick up and drop off around Ubud. Also stop by for picture taking & enjoying the view of beautiful pine forest of Kintamani.
  • Car, including private driver and experienced guide.
  • Hand wooven hat, Bamboo basket for harvesting, also Manual coffee processing tools and knowledge of traditional processing.
  • Balinese snack for coffee break


#Free picking of oranges for eat; 

#Tea leaves, Sascara (skin of coffee) and honey testing.

What We Will Do


Komang will take all the participants to a coffee plantation in Kintamani that traditionally running by the village. We’ll walk around the plantation to see all the activities and all the participants will take a part in every activity and get knowledge. Start with harvesting, coffee sorting, fermentation, drying and roasting using traditional equipment. And then we will grind the coffee beans, brew it, tasting and packaging it. At the end of the process, participants will enjoy the final product and take home the package of the coffee. After that, we will go for lunch in a restaurant with the view of Lake and Mount Batur Caldera. Every participant will also entitle of Coffee Workshop certificates.

What You Need To Know


  • Must have interest to coffee and nature.
  • In good health condition as our activity will be done in farm
  • You will get private driver and experienced guide.
  • Private single tour(1person) will be charged $20 extra

What You Need To Bring


  • Comfortable shoes, sport shoes suggested.
  • Jacket or sweater if neded.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Camera or phone for taking picture.
  • Cash for personal expenses.
  • Personal medicine if needed.

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