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Rental Data Requirements and Agreement

Requirements :

  • Rent minimum 1 day
  • Must be original identity not copy
  • Must be on the personal name of the Renter
  • Identity may be combined with your friends, family or partner
  • The renter must be willing to deposit the original ID during the lease period

Rental Rules :

  • Have a driver's license (local or international)
  • Send photos of ID & License in our form below
  • Send photos of PP aircraft tickets (if any)
  • Willing to be photographed during car submission as documentation
  • Obedient traffic & if you get a ticket due to the fault of the renter, the ticket penalty must be paid by the renter

Additional Info :

  • Flexible 1 Day calculation counts from 00:00 to 12pm.
    (for example Starla hires a car from August 1, 2018 the motorbike is delivered to Ngurah Rai airport at 2:30 in the morning and then the car returns on August 5 at 11:30 p.m. at Hotel Mulia , then Starla is calculated to be rented for 5 days, which is dated 1,2,3,4,5.
  • Tire Leaks after the first day of rental
    The leaked tire is no longer the responsibility of bikintour.com, and is fully the responsibility of the renter. We recommend that renters to find the nearest workshop from the location of the leaked tire, this aims to accelerate repairs and tenants can continue the trip quickly.
  • The Renter is Responsible in the event of damage to the car unit
    each replacement spare part price will be determined according to the prevailing price at the authorized dealer, this is aimed at avoiding overprice charge.
  • Renter Responsibility
    The Renter is fully responsible for all forms of losing unit car and if legal problems arise due to car usage errors / omissions because of renter mistake during the lease period.

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